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Out of Order
by Ray Cooney


Richard Willey David Slykhuis
George Pigden Ashton Lisitza
The Waiter Jesse Twietmeyer
Jane Worthington Bertha Isleifson
The Manager Shannon Klatt
A Body Sean Perry
Ronnie Dean Albano
Pamela Deb Laforet
Gladys Denise Anderson
The Maid Benedicto Caan

Doug Waldner

Assistant Director
Dianne Twietmeyer


Brenda Beaver

Behind the Scenes
Don Carter

Lighting and Sound
Will Elliott
Dianne Twietmeyer

Stage Construction and Design
Paul Twietmeyer
Jesse Twietmeyer
Ashton Lisitza
Shannon Klatt
Dianne Twietmeyer
Marion Biram

Leisa Grimes

Bar Co-ordinator
Shannon Klatt

Downstairs Co-ordinator
Marion Biram

Dinner Co-ordinator
David and Shelley Slykhuis

Michele Amy

Advertising and Tickets
Don Carter

Posters and Signage
Marylin Carter
Marion Biram
Don Carter

Box Office
Cornerstone Shoes

Parliamentary procedure takes on a whole new meaning when conservative Richard, a government junior minister, plans to spend the evening in a London hotel with Jane, one of the opposition's typists.  A conniving waiter, suspicious hotel manager, alert private detective, angry wife, furious husband, bungling secretary, unconscious nurse and a dead body virtually ensure that Richard's political career and personal life will be destroyed.  Things go disastrously wrong and hilarity ensues in this farcical British frenzy of fun!

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