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Play On
written by Rick Abbot


Director Doug Waldner
Stage Crew Member Debbie Bedecs
Stage Crew Member Leisa Grimes
Henry Benish Shannon Klatt
Polly Benish Lois Punton
Marla Smith
Lisa Slykhuis
Saul Watson Don Carter
Billy Carew David Slykhuis
Violet Imry Heather Vermeersch
Phyllis Montague Dianne Twietmeyer

Mick O'Brien

Lighting & Sound
Nick O'Brien

Stage Crew
Bradley Vermeersch
Matthew Waldner

Scenic Construction and Decoration
Paul Twietmeyer
Mick O'Brien
Mary O'Brien
Dwight Efford
Lorri Solomon
Nick O'Brien

Costumes and Wigs
Dianne Twietmeyer
Mary O'Brien


The local community theater is in its last week of rehearsal for their upcoming production of "Murder Most Foul," written by a local playwright.
The set isn't quite finished, the props haven't all yet been obtained, the actors still don't know their lines, the author is still rewriting the script,
and . . . opening night is three days away!! But the show must go on!! Theater lore says that "a bad dress rehearsal means a great opening night."
If that's the case, opening night of "Murder Most Foul" should be stupendous!! From Rick Abbot, the author of "DRACULA: The Musical?"

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