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The Christmas Carol Project(2008)

by special arrangement with Brass Monkey Productions, Edmonton, Alberta
Adapted by Cornerstone Theatre

Directed by Jesse Twietmeyer

The Musicans

Lane Easton
Paul Twietmeyer
Justin Easton
Liam Easton
Anthony Bzdell
Claude Poirier
Michele Amy

The Cast

Charles Dickens Fred Perry
Ebenezer Scrooge David Slykhuis
Bob Crachit John Bullas
Stately Lady #1 Margaret Bell
Stately Lady #2 Bertha Isliefson
Stately Lady #3 Marion Biram
Lead Caroller Linda Coffey
Jacob Marley Anthony Bzdell
Spirit of Christmas Past Kristy Wempe
Alice Gillian Maher
Spirit of Christmas Present Jesse Twietmeyer
Mrs. Cratchit Michelle Clark
Crachit Family McKenzie Easton
Peter Nick Schmidt
  Megan McAuley
  Emily Klatt
Tiny Tim Sophia Clark
The Miners John Bullas
  Anthony Bzdell
  Lane Easton
  Paul Twietmeyer
Want & Ignorance Sophia Clark
  Nick Schmidt
The Spirit of Christmas Future Todd Gervais

Char Woman

Dianne Twietmeyer
Old Joe Paul Twietmeyer
Undertaker Michele Amy
Laundress Tory Poirier
The Maids Emily Klatt
  Gillian Maher
  Megan McAuley
  McKenzie Easton

Songs in Order of Performance

Bah Humbug(You don't Know Me)
Written by Bill Bourne 1996
Sung by David Slykhuis

A Better Way
Written by Tom Roschkov 1996
Sung by John Bullas

He Will Fly
Written by Dale Ladouceur 2002
Sung by Linda Coffey

On The Wings of the Wind
Written by Kevin Cook 1996
Sung by Anthony Bzdell

When Times Were Good
Written by Terry Morrison 1996

Sung by Kristy Wempe

Promise(Alice's Song)
Written by Dale Ladouceur 1996
Sung by
Gillian Maher

See Yourself Through Their Eyes
Written by Terry Morrison 1996
Sung by
Kristy Wempe

When There's Nothing At All
Written by Al Brant 1996
Sung by Lane Easton

Bad, Bad Man
Written by Tom Roschkov 1996
Sung by John Bullas

God Bless Us Every One(Tiny Tim's Song)
Written by Mirian Dunn 1996
Sung by Michelle Clark

The Men Who Toll
Written by Kenneth Brown 2002
Sung by Lane Easton, Paul Twietmeyer
John Bullas, Anthony Bzdell

Beware Scrooge
Written by Al Brandt 1996
Sung by Lane Easton

A Tidy Bundle For Old Joe
Written by Maria Dunn 2002
Arranged by Dunn, Brown, Cook, Hobson & Ladouceur
Sung by Dianne Twietmeyer, Paul Twietmeyer,
Michele Amy, Tory Poirier

Down on My Knees, Oh Jacob
Written by Bill Bourne, Maria Dunn & Terry Morrison 1997
Sung by Paul Twietmeyer, David Slykhuis

Scrooge's Jig or The Maid's Bewilderment
Written by Maria Dunn 1996
Sung by Kristy Wempe, Gillian Maher

God Bless Us Everyone( Tiny Tim's Song)
Written by Maria Dunn 1996
Sung by the Cast

Stage and Set Crew

Light and Sound Will Elliott
  Doug Waldner
Set Mariaon Biram
  Paul Twietmeyer
  Gillian Maher
  Dianne Twietmeyer
  Ashton Lizitza
  Jesse Twietmeyer
Costume and Make Up Shelley Slykhuis
  Connie Pelletier
Production Assistant Shannon Klatt
Publicity and Tickets Don Carter
Videographer Dennis Coffey
Promptor Brenda Beaver
Poster Marylin Carter
Fezziwig Shannon Klatt


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