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We'll Meet Again


Michele Amy Bertha Isleifson
Dean Albano Shannon Klatt
Margaret Bell Naomi Holter
Lori Brown Melanie Lemieux
John Bullas Al Mossing
Don Carter Shirley Mossing
Linda Coffey Wendy Rounce
Lane Easton Denise Singleton
David Slykhuis Dianne Twietmeyer
Jesse Twietmeyer Paul Twietmeyer
Cliff Walker Dorothy Walker


Jesse Twietmeyer
Dianne Twietmeyer


Paul Twietmeyer
Jesse Twietmeyer
Dianne Twietmeyer
Ashton Lisitza
Will Elliott


Dennis Coffey


Gillian Maher

We'll Meet Again is dedicated to all Canadian men and women who served
their county during time of war.

Gallery of Pictures: coming soon


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