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The Amorous Ambassador
by Michael Parker


Harry Douglas Don Carter
Perkins Shannon Klatt
Joe Ashton Lizitska
Captain South Dean Albano
Debbie Bertha Isliefson
Marian Denise Singleton
Faye Joan Bue
Lois Douglas Debbie Bedecs

Dianne Twietmeyer
Doug Waldner

Brenda Beaver

Stage Manager
Katharine Waldner

Stage Crew
Will Elliott
Paul Twietmeyer



When Harry Douglas, the new American ambassador to Great Britain, tells his family he is going to Scotland to play golf, his wife and daughter announce weekend plans of their own. Their newly hired butler, Perkins, watches stoically as each leaves and secretly returns for a romantic rendezvous in the empty house. Harry's secretary and Captain South of Marine Corps Embassy Service then arrive in the wake of a bomb threat and the embassy is sealed off, with hilarious results. Even the imperturbable Perkins is drawn into the shenanigans.


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