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Black Bonspiel of Wullie MacCrimmon
by W. O. Mitchell


Wullie MacCrimmon Shannon Klatt
Mr. O'Cloutie Doug Waldner
Reverend B. G. Pringle Dwight Efford
Annie Brown Melanie Lemieux
Pipe-Fitting Charlie Brown Evelyn Cullum
Clock Charlie Brown
Marion Biram
Malleable Charlie Brown Don Carter
Guy Fawkes Cary Chatterson
Judas Iscariot Dion Cochrane
Macbeth Dianne Twietmeyer

Olive Vuss
Kent Shittell

Stage Manager
Lorrie Solomon

Stage Crew
Blaine Hewitt
Kelvin Hewitt
Ray Hewitt

Sharon Glasser


The Scene is Wildrose Alberta in 1935. Wullie MacCrimmon, a local shoe and harness repairer happens to wish aloud for a chance to curl in the Briar. Mr. Cloutie just happens to be in th neighbourhood and overhear the wish. Wullie is given his chance to win a Briar spot, if he can defeat the Devil's rink for Hell.

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