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Bone Chiller
by Monk Ferris


Jerry Delvin Dwight Efford
Connie Travers Roxy Hortness
Buzzy Burdet Shannon Klatt
Theodosia Travers Carolyn Clark
Flame Fondue Brenda Boutin
Zita Van Zok
Gwen Johnstone
Mauvins Joan Bue
Adler Sheridan Fred Perry
Kissy Travers Jacqui McCarron
Eloise Ainsley Joanne Muldoon
Pippi Shannon Smith
Lucretia Joretta King
Dan Denton Doug Waldner

Directors: Your Name here

Set Construction Lighting & Sound:
Lights & Sound:


The story starts as the invited guests (family, friends, and some questionable others) arrive for the reading
of Josiah Travers’ will, only to find it has an odd twist! In order to learn the terms of the will, the guests have to
first figure out a challenging puzzle. In the meantime, two mysterious “deaths” occur, causing everyone in the house
to become scared for their own lives! Through murder and drinks we discover each guest’s motive for being
present and just what they are willing to do to receive Josiah’s inheritance!

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