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Moon Over Buffalo

A comedy by Ken Ludwig

Debbie Bedecs Charotte Hay
Shannon Klatt George Hay
Leisa Grimes Ethel
Leah Passler Rosalind
Colleen Easton Eileen
Don Carter Richard
Grant Taylor Paul
Craig Savill Howard


Dianne Twietmeyer


Denise Singleton

Stage Crew

Will Elliott
Paul Twietmeyer
Jesse Tweitmeyer


Leisa Grimes
Denise Singleton


An acting couple—not exactly the Lunts—are on tour in Buffalo in 1953 with a repertory consisting of Cyrano de Bergerac and Noël Coward's Private Lives . Fate has given these thespians one more shot at starring roles in The Scarlet Pimpernel epic and director Frank Capra himself is en route to Buffalo to catch their matinee performance. Will Charlotte Hay appear or run off with their agent? Will George Hay be sober enough to emote? Will Capra see Cyrano, Private Lives or a disturbing mixture of the two?  Hilarious misunderstandings pile on madcap misadventures, all of which are magnified by Charlotte's deaf mother who manages the theatre. Hilarious . . . building up its laughs methodically shtick by shtick. . . . Ludwig stuffs his play with comic invention, running gags . . . and a neat sense of absurdity


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