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A Cornerstone Christmas Carol

December 6 ,7, 8


Esmerelda Scrooge
Lois Punton
Customer Debbie Bedecs
Jake Mick O'Brien
Tom David Slykhuis
Bob Marley Grant Taylor
Ghost of Christmas Past Fred Perry
Ghost of Christmas Present Paul Twietmeyer
Ghost of Christmas Future Judy Mazurek
Ghost of Christmas FutureHenchman Mary O'Brien


Marion Biram, Carolyn Clark, Linda Coffey, Leisa Grimes, Agnes Hewitt
Shannon Klatt, Mary Lynn Mildenberger, Al Mossing,
Shirley Mossing, John Olheiser, Dianne Twietmeyer


Alexis Coffey, Sean Perry, Samantha Twietmeyer

Directors: Dianne Twietmeyer
Assistant Director: Jennifer Lebrun


Set Construction Lighting & Sound
Nick O'Brien
Jennifer Lebrun
Doug Waldner


Jim Galloway

Gerry Steward

Bass Terry Fraser
Drums Mark Roth
Saxophone and Harmonica Paul Twietmeyer
Flute Sarah O'Brien

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