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What the Dickens!
December 2,3,10, 2005


Doug Waldner

Musical Director

Dianne Twietmeyer

The Cast
Charles Dickens.........................Fred Perry
Michael Palmer(Pub Owner).......DJ Stillborn
Rowena Palmer(Michael's wife).....Joan Bue

Bar Denizens
Dianne Twietmeyer
Lorri Solomon
Heather Pontiius
Brian Lemieux
Doug Waldner
Jasmine Bzdel
Katharine Waldner

Wandering Players
Pat Whitebear
David Slykhuis
Michele Amy
Gillian Maher
Marion Biram
Paul Twietmeyer
Craig Savill

Beggar Children
Emily Klatt
Sara Grimes

Catharine Dickens.........Michele Amy

Greengrocer.................Doug Waldner

Prompter...............Katharine Waldner

The Musicians
Anthony Bzdel
Clay Johnstone
Claude Poirier
Terry Fraser
Michele Amy
Paul Twietmeyer

Lights and Sound
Will Elliottt

Paul Twietmeyer
Marion Biram
Diane Twietmeyer
Doug Waldner

Cast and Crew

Make Up
Leisa Grimes

Programs, Posters & Tickets
Marylin Carter
Don Carter

Special Thank You
Shelley Slykhuis(Curtains & Decorations)
Shannon Klatt(Bar)



It is late October, 1843. Charles Dickens, a man of 31 years of age, has achieved some little notoriety with the publication of "Pickwick Papers", "Oliver Twist", "Nicholas Nickleby", and "the Old Curiosity Shop" among others.

He has gone for a walk, leaving his wife Catherine and his four children at home, as he wanders the streets of London near his home in Regent's Park, trying desperately to come up with some inspriation to satisfy his editor's request for a story with a Christmas theme. His wanderings finally lead him to his local pub, "The Bull and Bush", where he stops to warm himself.

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