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Don't Dress for Dinner


Don Carter Bernard
Fred Perry Robert
Denise Singleton Jacqueline
Debbie Bedecs Suzette
Denise Anderson Suzanne
Craig Savill George


Dianne Twietmeyer


Brenda Beaver

Stage Manager

Katharine Waldner

Stage Crew

Will Elliott
Marion Biram
Marylin Carter
Dianne Twietmeyer
Don Carter


Marion Biram
Katharine Waldner


When Jacqueline decides to visit her mother for a few days, her husband, Bernard sees the opportunity of a cosy weekend with his new girlfriend. His bachelor pal, Robert rings up to announce his return from Hong Kong, so Bernard invites him along as his alibi, also hiring a Cordon Bleu cook to ensure they don't go hungry.

Convinced his plan is foolproof, Bernard is taking his wife's suitcase out to the car, when the phone rings and she answers it. From then on the story moves into the surreal world of high-speed farce, with mistaken identity two girls, both known as Suzy; clandestine relationships, . the wife has a secret lover; hasty improvisation, the cook must play the mistress and vice versa, all carried along on a stream of rapid-fire, double-meaning dialogue.


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