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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Lyrics by Tim Rice

Directed by Mick O'Brien


Lane Easton Joseph
Paul Twietmeyer  
Marion Biram  
Kate Johnstone  
David Slykhuis  
Denise Decelle  
Lori Solomon  
Debbie Bedecs  
Shenan Aikens  
Bradley Vermeersch  
Cliff Walker  
Jesse Twietmeyer  
Matt Waldner  
Doug Waldner  
Scott Smith  
Fred Gravener  

Mick O'Brien

Set Construction Lighting & Sound:
Lights & Sound:


:Jacob was blessed with twelve sons, of these the second youngest and his favourite was Joseph, son of Rachel. Joseph was good and kind, serving his father and family well as a shepherd in the fields. His brothers resented the way in which Jacob doted on Joseph and their anger against him grew after their father gave his favourite son a dazzling coat of many colours. Joseph was a dreamer; his dreams told him that he was to become a great man and be far more successful than any of his brothers. On hearing this they decided that something had to be done about young Joseph.Out in the fields the brothers attacked Joseph, stripped him of his coat and were about to throw him into a pit to face certain death when
a band of Ishmaelites passed by. The brothers sold Joseph to them as a slave and returned to their father with the sad news of Joseph’s death".In Egypt, Joseph was then sold to Potiphar, the captian of the Pharoah's gaurds. Joseph was rapidly made head of the servants. Things seemed to be going well for him until Potiphar's wife tried to seduce
him. Joseph turned down her offer (it was against his religion) and she became so enraged that she called for Potiphar and told him that Joseph was trying to seduce her. Potiphar had Joseph promptly thrown into prison.

In his jail cell, Joseph explained the meanings of the dreams of two of Pharoah's servant, who had fallen out of favor with the king. One of the men became
Pharoah's cupservant after he got out of jail. Several years later, Pharaoh was disturbed by savage dreams and his cupservant told him about Joseph's uncanny ability to interpret dreams. Joseph was brought before Pharaoh and translated the dreams (the dreams told him of a coming famine), in return he was made the second most powerful man in Egypt, the overseer of food supplies.

His brothers fared did not fare so well, famine and plague dominated the Canaan, so they left to seek food in Egypt. They stood before Joseph,and, although none of
them recognized him, he took pity on them giving each a sack of food. However, to test his brothers he planted a gold cup in the sack given to the youngest, Benjamin.

As they tried to leave Joseph stopped them to investigate the "theft" of the precious cup. It was discovered in Benjamin’s bag. The others took the blame and refused
to let anyone think that Benjamin was in any way dishonest. Joseph now realized that his brothers were truly honest and revealed his true identity to them. Jacob was brought from Canaan and the family was reunited.

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Picture 1 - Paul Twietmeyer Marion Biram Kate Johnston David Slykhuis
Denise Decelle Lori Solomon Deb Bedecs
Shenan Aikens Bradley Vermeersch
Lane Easton Cliff Walker Jesse Twietmeyer
Mathew Waldner

Picture 2 - Scott Smith Fred Gravener Doug Waldner


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