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Come With Me Lucille
Written and Directed by Doug Waldner


Grandpa Fred Perry
Lucille Joanne Muldoon
Barbershop 4 Al Mossing
  Cliff Walker
  Paul Twietmeyer
Russel Stockton


  Helen Hislop
  Dwight Efford
Cameo -Liberace David Tafelmeyer
Shannon Smyth Melanie Lemieux
Brian Lemieux Carolyn Clark
Dianne Twietmeyer Marion Biram
Shirley Mossing Dorothy Walker
Joni McDonald Doug Waldner
Roxy Hortness  

Doug Waldner

Music Director
Dianne Twietmeyer

Stage Manager
Joretta King

Costume Design
Wendy McAuley

Lighting and Sound
Chris Hansen

Thelma DunBar

Program & Posters
Marylin Carter

A two act Musical with approximately 100 songs spanning 1900's to 1980's

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