A Woodland Christmas

Cornerstone Theatre

A Woodland Christmas

Woodland Christmas

written by Carolyn Clark


What would happen if the bears didn’t hibernate for the winter? Would they understand Christmas?
Who would explain it to them? In Woodland Christmas, we look in on the animals and find out
how the bears learn about Christms through music, stories, and laughter.

Directed by Doug Waldner


Papa Bear Paul Twietmeyer
Mama Bear Judy Mazurek
Junior Bear Lisa Slykhuis
Owl Fred Perry
Deer Dianne Twietmeyer
Fox David Slykhuis
Rabbit Shirley Mossing
Racoon Betty Knechtel
Skunk Carolyn Clark
Porcupine Leisa Grimes
Beaver Linda Coffey
1st Coyote Cliff Walker
2nd Coyote Al Mossing
1st Squirrel Liette Hrabia
Blue Jay Rae-Anne Faber
Cougar Joan MacDonald
Santa Claus Shannon Klatt

Woodland Scene 
Paint and Palette Art Guild

Musical Accompaniment and Contributions
Ron Bernard
Joan MacDonald
Clay Johnstone
Stage Props
Joan Bue
Murray Clark


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