Trouble Out West

Cornerstone Theatre

Trouble Out West

Trouble Out West
Written by Clayton Johnstone

The story takes place five years in the future at a mythical T.V. Station(C.A.O.S) during the evening of Dec. 23, 1998. Christmas has been banned for three years following the great G.S.T. Debate of 1995


Prime Minister Chretien Shannon Klatt
Kim Campbell Betty Knechtel
Pam(News Announcer) Judy Mazurek
Floyd(Sports Announcer) Gerald Hauta
Wendy(Weather Announcer) Carolyn Clark
Profile Announcer Linda Coffey
Station Manager Paul Twietmeyer
Carlos Doug Waldner
Dasher David Slykhuis
Dancer Dianne Twietmeyer
Prancer Joan McDonald
Mr. Big Fred Perry
Holly Elizabeth Coffey
Dolly Jodie Knectel
Molly Jacqueline Lemieux
Petra Fied Leisa Grimes
Beulah Dianne Twietmeyer
Effie Joan McDonald
Billy Bob Jesse Twietmeyer
Betsy Bob Samantha Twietmeyer
Raggedy Ann Bailey Slykhuis
Raggedy Andy Brand Slykhuis
Yukiyo Yukiyo Sugimura

Children on Studio Tour
Brittany McDonald: Tanner McDonald; Matthew Waldner
Alexis Coffey; Kelly Knechtel

Clayton Johnstone

Shelley Slykhuis




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