Lie, Cheat and Genuflect

Cornerstone Theatre

Lie, Cheat and Genuflect

Lie, Cheat and Genuflect
by William Van Zandt and Jane Milmore

Directed by Leisa Grimes


The Buckle Brothers, Billy and Tom, Laurel-and-Hardy types, are in big trouble: Tom’s losing streak at the racetrack has drained Billy’s savings, and Billy just foundout about it. The real trouble is coming from loan shark Pizza Face Petrillo, who gave Tom a loan. Pizza Face is calling in the debt now! Grandfather Buckle’s willis about to be read, but the two black sheep doubt they’ll be included. What else to do but hatch a crazy scheme to get away with the entire fortune?
Add a stuffy lawyer, a lush of a housekeeper and three lovely ladies, and you have the makings of a laugh-filled farce of twists, turns and pratfalls.Not to mention the mistaken identities, the baby, guns, a nun on the run and … boxer shorts?


Billy Buckle Shannon Klatt
Tom Buckle Doug Waldner
Robert Fryburger Fred Perry
Virginia Heather Vermeersch
Lois Punton
Jane Doemaker Joan Bue
Pizza Face Petrillo Don Carter
Miss Mackintosh Betty Knechtel

Assistant Director
Debbie Bedecs

Special Effects
Donna Perala
Barry Beaver

Props and Costume
Dion Cochrane
Agnes Hewitt


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