City Park Christmas

Cornerstone Theatre

City Park Christmas

City Park Christmas
Produced by Doug Waldner


A man find out about the real meaning of Christmas


Disk Jockey #1 Doug Waldner
Jumping Jack Flash David Slykhuis
Executive Linda Coffey
Bag Lady Leisa Grimes
Bag Lady
Debbie Bedecs
Rich Woman Carolyn Clark
Wino Paul Twietmeyer
Police Officer Don Carter
Police Officer Betty Knechtel
Rosa Judy Mazurek
Mother Dianne Twietmeyer
Nurse Linda Coffey
Nurse Joan McDonald
Santa Doug Waldner
Lois Punton
Runaway Jodie Knechtel
Street Kid Elizabeth Coffey
Louise Linda Coffey

Street Kids:
Stephanie Humphries; Kelly Knechtel; Jesse Twietmeyer
Brittany McDonald; Samantha Twietmeyer, Brook Slykhuis
David Nagy; Bailey Slykhuis; Bree-Ann Slykhuis
Bradley Vermeersch; Katherine Waldner; Matthew Waldner

Doug Waldner

Musical Director
Dianne Twietmeyer

Clayton Johnstone

Piano Accompaniment
Lorna Applegate

Set Construction and Design
Paul Twietmeyer
Marion Biram

Lighting & Sound
Heather Vermeersch


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