The Wedding

Cornerstone Theatre

The Wedding

The Wedding
-Cast written


This musical Christmas production was written by Cornerstone members Marion Biram, Doug Waldner, and Donna Ward. Two families are preparing for the marriage of Jen(Heather Pontius) and Vance(Lane Easton). The play encompasses the daybefore the wedding and the wedding day


Al Mossing
Carolyn Clark
Paul Twietmeyer
Jesse Twietmeyer
Cliff Walker
Donna Ward
Dorothy Walker
David Slykhuis
Melanie Lemieux
Marion Biram
Shirley Mossing
Linda Coffey
Kathrine Walder
Brodie Slykhuis
Layne Easton
Heather Pontius
Gillian Maher
Samantha Twietmeyer
Dianne Twietmeyer
Fred Perry


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