Ballad of Carlyle: A Town on the Move

Cornerstone Theatre

Ballad of Carlyle: A Town on the Move

The Ballad of Carlyle: A Town on the Move
Written by Dianne Twietmeyer


Written and directed by Dianne Twietmeyer, the play was a semi-fictitious representation
of Carlyle’s beginning, before the railway was laid. 

DECEMBER 7 & 8, 2002 


Jack Turriff Lane Easton
Mr. Wabimasquah Fred Perry
Mr. Jerry Coffey Sean Perry
Mr. James Yeoward Al Mossing
Mr. MacRae Al Mossing
Mr.Scott John Bullis
Mrs. Hindmarch Carolyn Clark
Mrs. Yeoward Linda Coffey
Ms. Anna Marie Yeoward Rhiannon Fraser
Mrs. Hume Michelle Amy
Mrs. Long Marion Biram
Mr. Dyer Paul Twietmeyer
Mr. Cameron John Bullis
Constable Macleod John Bullis
Mr. Porteous Daniel Segal
Patsy Heather Pontius
P.T. Van Horne David Slykhuis
Ms. Eva Buchanan Lorri Solomon
Mrs. Wabimasquah Janet Sigurdson
Mr. Donald Cameron Matt Waldner
Mrs. Hewitt Linda Coffey
The Girls Heather Bzdel
Jasmine Bzdel
Katherine Waldner

Dianne Twietmeyer
Doug Waldner
Lisa Grimes

Stage Manager
Samantha Twietmeyer

Lights and Sound
Kevin Bryant

Dion Cochrane

Jacqui Trytten

Clay Johnstone
Anthony Bzdel

Stage Crew
Sean Perry
Daniel Segal


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