Cornerstone Theatre


A Musical Comedy by
James Leisy

The Story(in case you have been living in a cave)
Bah, Humbug” says Scrooge(that same miserly character depicted in Dicken’s “Christmas Carol”) to ail those joyous, happy moments and thoughts and people that he comes across in his daily life. He really can’t abide anyone enjoying themselves, or being happy, or especially celebrating the Christmas season. He’s also mean and miserly, underpays his staff and is a “pinchpenny squeezer”. He is overbearing towards his employees, Thomas, Richard, Harold and Bob(the same Cratchit as in Dicken’s story). He is just the same toward his nephew, Fred, who tries to get him to “see the light” (What does Christmas mean to you?). Scrooge says it’s all ” a waste of time!”. Scrooge is visited by the ghost of his old business partner Jacob Marley, who tells him that he should expect the worst (a cloak of chain!” if he doesn’t change his ways. With the help of three more spirits(Ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Future), Scrooge examines his life and future and is persuaded to change his ways – much to the amazement of all who know him!

Musical Director- Mick O’Brien
Stage Director- Doug Waldner


Topper Sean Perry
Emily Samantha Twietmeyer
Fred Richard Friesen
Polly Katherine Waldner
Scrooge David Slykhuis
Scrooge’s Stooges:
Brian Lemieux
Al Mossing
Lane Easton
Bob Cratchit John Bullas
Collecting Ladies: Mary O’Brien
Marion Biram
Marley’s Ghost Paul Twietmeyer
Spirit of Christmas Past Carolyn Clark
Fan Gillian Maher
Boy Scrooge Justin Eaton
Fezziwig Doug Waldner
Young Man Scrooge Daniel Segal
Dick Wiggins Matthew Waldner
Scrooge’s Fiancee Katherine Waldner
Spirit of Christmas Present Dianne Twietmeyer
Mrs. Cratchit Lisa Slykhuis
Belinda Jasmine Bzdell
Martha Desiree Dionne
Peter Justin Eaton
Tiny Tim Gillian Maher
First Merchant Debbie Bedecs
Second Mercant Fred Perry
Third Merchant Shannon Klatt
Joe, the Pawbroker Matthew Waldner
Mrs. Filcher Michelle Amy
Mrs. Dilber Wendy Rounce
Undertaker’s Assistant Sam Twietmeyer
Spirit of Christmas Future Doug Waldner
Shopper Bonnie Frietag
Piano Lori Brown
Guitar Anthony Bzdell
James Galloway
Bass Terry Fraser
Percussion Kevin Dyck
Trombone & Keyboard Clay Johnstone
The Invisible Ones:
Lights and Sound Will Elliott
Stage Design and Construction Paul Twietmeyer
Stage Painting: Marylin Carter
Marion Biram
Mary O’Brien
Costuming The Cast
Make Up and Hair Jacqui Trytten
Poster and Sign Painting Marylin Carter


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