Christmas at the Bar Humbug Ranch

Cornerstone Theatre

Christmas at the Bar Humbug Ranch

Christmas at the Bar Humbug Ranch

Rewritten by:

Doug Waldner


Eb Scrooge Jesse Twietmeyer
Ben Cratchit David Slykhuis
Delbert Don Carter
Wynonna Leslie King
Pastor Wayne Garth Herman
Mature Miss Kitty Naomi Twietmeyer
Johnny Marley Paul Twietmeyer
Ghost of Christmas Past Craig Savill
Young Eb Scrooge James Herman
Young Miss Kitty Megan McAuley
Ghost of Christmas Present Bertha Isleifson
Wyatt Ashton Lisitza
Mother Maybelle Cratchit Linda Coffey
Adam Cratchit Brayden Hill
Big Joe Cratchit Bryanne Forcier
Hoss Cratchit Kyle Bye
Little Jo Cratchit Sydney Flynn
Harold Q Sing Fred Perry
Chost of Christmas Future Dianne Twietmeyer
Townperson 1 Mariion Biram
Townperson 2 Leola Hirtle
Hurry Up Jose Harvey Rounce
Clogger Emily Klatt


Wendy Rounce-Piano
Harvey Rounce-Guitar
Ben Dubois-Guitar
Naomi Twietmeyer-Piano
Claude Poirier-Drugs
Paul Twietmeyer-Harmonica
Emily Klatt-Fiddle

Sound and Lights

Jack Forcier
Mathtew Forcier
Paul Twietmeyer
Lane Easton
Doug Waldner


Doug Waldner
Lane Easton

Musical Director

Dianne Twietmeyer


Melissa Savill

Set Design

Paul Twietmeyer 
Marion Biram
David Slykhuis
Dianne Twietmeyer


Melissa Savill
Leisa Grimes 


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