A Community Christmas Carol

Cornerstone Theatre

A Community Christmas Carol

A Community Christmas Carol
WRITTEN BY McKenzie Easton with guidance from Charles Dickens


Dianne Twietmeyer Evangeline
Cratchitt David Slykhuis
Leola Hirtle Mother Crachit
Tiny Tina Emma Pelletier
Nephew Jesse Twietmeyer
Planner #1 Leslie King
Planner #2 Bertha Isliefson
Planner #3 Megan McAuley
Planner #4 Lydia Rose
Planner #5 Leola Hirtle
Dickens Fred Perry
Cratchit Children Bryanne Forcier
Braden Hill
Kyle Bye
Sidney Flynn
Marley #1 Don Carter
Marley #2 David Slykhuis
Marley #3 Lane Easton
Marley #4 Paul Twietmeyer
Ghost of Christmas Past Craig Savill
Fezziwig Paul Twietmeyer
Soloist Megan McAuley
Young Evangeline Naomi Twietmeyer
Bill Ashton Lizitza
Ghost of Christmas Present Denise Singleton
Nephew’s Wife Nicole Gervais
Ghost of Christmas Future Lane Easton
Hustler #1 Sean Perry
Hustler #2 Jesse Twietmeyer
Hustler #3 Leslie King
Child Evangeline Sydney Flynn
Fran Bryanne Forcier
Minister Lydia Rose
Chorus Marion Biram
Linda Coffey
Bertha Isleifson


Colleen Easton– Stage Director
Dianne Twietmeyer- Vocal Director
Doug Waldner-Stage Director
Lane Easton 


Melissa Savill

Stage Crew

Doug Waldner
Marion Biram
Paul Twietmeyer
Dianne Twietmeyer

Lights and Sound

Will Elliott
Matthew Forcier


Candy Bye
Carrie Pelletier 

The Band

Michele Amy
Ben Dubois
Terry Fraser
Harvey Rounce
Wendy Rounce

Box Office

 The Pearl


Marylin Carter

Tickets and Promotion

Don Carter


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