Move Over Mrs. Markham

Cornerstone Theatre

Move Over Mrs. Markham

Move Over Mrs. Markham
-Ray Cooney



Set in an elegant top floor flat in London, MOVE OVER, MRS. MARKHAM is a hilarious play revolving around misunderstandings, mix-ups, and mistaken identities. Philip and Joanna Markham are a very happily married couple. Philip is a well-respected, straight-laced gentleman who publishes children’s books. He works downstairs in an office that he shares with his business partner, Henry Lodge. Even though he is married, Henry is a philanderer and has convinced Philip to let him use their upstairs flat that night to meet his newest conquest. Meanwhile, Joanna is approached by Henry’s wife, Linda. Linda knows about Henry’s unfaithfulness and has decided to have an affair of her own. She convinced Joanna to let her use the flat that night so she can meet the man she is going to cheat on her husband with. In the meantime, Alistair Spenlow, an interior decorator that the Markham’s hired, is in a relationship with Sylvie, the Markham’s au pair, and Alistair and Sylvie are engaged to “test out” the new furniture in the house. In short, it’s madcap hilarity.

Shannon Klatt Henry Lodge
Joan Bue Mrs. Smythe
Colleen Easton Joanna Markham
Lane Easton Phillip Markham
Bertha Isleifson Linda Lodge
Naomi Twietmeyer Sylvie
Melissa Savill Miss Wilkinson
Jesse Twietmeyer Allister Spenlow
David Slykhuis Walter Pangbourne


Doug Waldner


Craig Savill

Stage Manager

Stage Construction

Doug Waldner
Jesse Twietmeyer
Diego Garcia
Phil Benson
Dave Martel
Ashton Lisitza

Stage Decor

Marion Biram
Marylin Carter

Lights and Sound

Doug Waldner

Advertising, Posters and Signage 
Marylin Carter
Don Carter

Bar Co-ordinator
Shannon Klatt

Dennis Coffey

Michele Amy

Dinner Theatre Co-ordinators
David and Shelley Slykhuis 



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