Wake Up Little Scroogy

Cornerstone Theatre

Wake Up Little Scroogy

Wake Up Little Scroogy



Leola Leslie Mrs. Cratchit
Mature Bob Cratchit Craig Savill
Young Belle Megan McAuley
Mature Belle Denise Singleton
Scrooge Lane Easton
Fan Bryanne Forcier
Charity Worker #1 Jesse Twietmeyr
Charity Worker #2 Marion Biram
Charity Worker #3 Lori Brown
Charity Worker #4 Jo King
Taxi Driver Kyle Bye
Mature Emily Cratchit Leola Hirtle
Young Emily Payton Humphries
Marley’s Ghost David Slykhuis
Ghost of Christmas Past Fred Perry
Young Scrooge Homer David
Scrooge’s Father Don Carter
Young Marley Brayden Hill
Ghost of Christmas Present Morgan Turk
Young Bob Cratchit Matthew Forcier
Cratchit Kids Sophie Turk
Spencer Turk
Rayanne Poirier
Hyra David
Karsyn Gervais
Kirsten East
Hunter Colpitts
Terran East
Zadie Gervais
Tenley Gervais
Backstage help Tory Poirier
Brandy East
Nicole Gervais
Policeman/Taxi Driver Kyle Bye
Teenage Jake/David Brayden Hill
Singer Sandra Campell
Duet Leola Leslie
Charity Worker Linda Coffey
Charity Worker Lori Brown
Charity Worker Marion Biram
Charity Worker Joretta King
Young Bob Matthew Forcier
Lawyer #1 Fred Perry
Lawyer #2 Don Carter
Ringo Don Carter
John/Charity Worker/Ghost Jesse Twietmeyer
Paul David Slykhuis
George Fred Perry
Doo Woppers Lori Brown
Joretta King
Bertha Isleifson
Matthew Forcier
Peyton Humphries
Sandra Campbell
Leola Leslie
Elvis Morgan Turk
All Around Nice Guy Don Carter
Soloist Dianne Twietmeyer
One hot Chick Bertha Isleifson
Door Turner Extraordinaire Also Bertha
Voice of the Juke Box Dianne Twietmeyer

Musical Director
Dianne Twietmeyer

Stage Director
Doug Waldner

Stage Crew

Doug Waldner
Marion Biram
Marylin Carter
Dianne Twietmeyer
Duncan Brown

Sound Technician
Will Elliott

Paul Twietmeyer
Kelly Hume

Michele Amy
Terry Fraser
Claude Poirier
Morgan Turk
Dave Martell


Colleen Easton

Posters and Signage
Marylin Carter

Ticket Sales
Don Carter

Cookie Champion 
Candy Bye

Box Office
The Pearl Boutique


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