Cornerstone Theatre



Music and Lyrics by
Dianne Twietmeyer
Jesse Twietmeyer
Samantha Twietmeyer
“Can’t Stop Tomorrow” by Clay Johnstone and Dianne


Cherry Mason Denise Singleton
Lou Garth Herman
Vendor A David Slykhuis
Vendor B Brayden Hill
Vendor C Lauri Noble Briner
Anderson Lane Easton
Phone #1 Kyle Bye
Phone #2 Wendy McNaughton
Phone #3
Phone #4
Ian Ashton Lisitza
Patrick Homer David
Jackie Laurie Fornwald
Ghost of Christmas Past Roy Rutagines
Carol Bryanne Forcier
Boy Anderson Lennox McNaughton
Young Anderson Monte McNaughton
Young Jackie Nancy Marsh
Gwen Wendy McNaughton
Mr. MacCarthy Fred Perry
Maitre d’ Garth Herman
Doctor Denise Singleton
Ghost of Christmas Present Meryle Cruywels
Sandra Jessica Shirley
Homeless Children Kass Schultz
Hyra David
Daphne Asuncion
Spencer Turk

Weston Dormuth

Lennox McNaughton

Mary Leola Leslie
Homeless Man Kyle Bye
Security Guard Fred Perry
Garth David Brayden Nancy Wendy Laurie
Monte Kyle Wendy Bryanne Leola Sandra
Julyco Opena, Lauri, Dianne


Dianne Twietmeyer
Jesse Twietmeyer

Musical Director
Michele Amy

Michele Amy
Morgan Turk
Claude Poirier
Paul Twietmeyer 
Jesse Twietmeyer
Tom Richards

Stage Hands
Craig Savill
Garth Herman 

Stage Design and Muralist
Paul Twietmeyer

Monte McNaughton
Evelyn McCuish

Matt Waldner
Samantha Smyth

Colleen Easton

Stage Design and Muralist
Paul Twietmeyer

Special Effects
Jesse Twietmeyer

Will Elliott
Lauri Nobel-Briner

Michele Amy

Ticket Box Office
Fengche Flowers

Signage, Tickets and Advertising
Marylin and Don Carter

All Around Nice Guy
Don Carter

Fezziwigs Bar Co-ordinator
Bertha Isleifson
Doug Waldner

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