Arr! Humbug!

Cornerstone Theatre

Arr! Humbug!

Adapted by Doug Waldner

Directed by Doug Waldner, Jesse Twietmeyer, Dianne Twietmeyer


Bob Cratchit Lauri Noble Briner

Ebeneezer Scrooge Monte McNajughton

Captain Jesse Twietmeyer

First Mate Sophie Turk

Mrs. Cratchit Erica Armstrong

Coal Shoveller Lane Easton

Marley Paul Twietmeyer

Anne Bonney Meryle Cruywels

Young Scrooge Meagan McAuley

Young Scrooge’s Girlfriend Jessica Shirley

Captain Morgan Fred Perry

A Soccer:Player Bryanne Forcier

Bobby Craig Savill

Captain Blackbeard David Slykhuis

Cutthroat Roy Rutagines

Midwife Laurie Fornwald

First Sailor Joretta King

Second Sailor Emma Boutin

Third Sailor Bryanne Forcier

Fourth Sailor Leola Hirtle

Tiny Tim Lennox McNaughton

Kids Kassidy Schulz, Rayanne Poirier,

Weston and Kendrick Dormuth

Others Dianne Twietmeyer, Craig Savill


Michele Amy, Morgan Turk, Lane Easton, Claude Poirier, Tom Richards

Sound Will Elliott

Lighting and Sound Effects Sean Perry

Prompter Joan Bue

Set Design and Construction Paul Twietmeyer


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