Acting Can Be Murder

Cornerstone Theatre

Acting Can Be Murder

Colleen Easton                   Delores Gordon

Lane Easton                        Howard Weaver

Heather Vermeersch     Beverly Gladstone

Megan McAuley              Janet Duncan

Joan Bue                            Georgia Styles

Jesse Twietmeyer            Lloyd Fischer

Denise Singleton             Guinevere Black

Erica Armstron                   Isabella watts

Korinn Lawrence              Olivia Anderson

Laurie Fornwald               Alice Oldacre

David Slykhuis                  Oscar Fairfax

Monte McNajghton         Officer Evan Biddle

Grant Taylor                       Geoffrey Chance

Don Carter                         Albert Fisk

Director                      Dianne Twietmeyer

Ass. Director             Jesse Twietmeyer

Prompter                   Fred Perry

Understudy               Shannon Klatt

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