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Cornerstone Theatre

Murder Most Fouled Up

Murder Most Fouled Up by Nikki Harmon Cast: Joan Bue Shannon Klatt Betty Knechtel Don Carter Doug Waldner Melanie Lemieux Directors: Your Name here Set Construction Lighting & Sound: Lights & Sound: Prompter:  Special Thanks To: As Lawyer Seymour Mead finished reading Ridgely Randolph’s will to the assemblage of greedy relatives and servants, the treasure hunt…
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Three Murders and It’s Only Monday

Three Murders and It’s Only Monday by Pat Cook Cast: Dr. Morrisey, a medical doctor Shannon Klatt Danny O’Donnell, old ventriloquist Doug Waldner Mary Tobias Melanie Lemieux Harry Monday, a private eye Fred Perry Tara Dillaise, a mysterious woman Betty Knechtel Captain Mandrake, an old ship’s captain Don Carter Lilly Dramkean, a lawyer Joan Bue…
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The Black Bonspiel of Wullie McCrimmon

Black Bonspiel of Wullie MacCrimmon by W. O. Mitchell Synopsis: The Scene is Wildrose Alberta in 1935. Wullie MacCrimmon, a local shoe and harness repairer happens to wish aloud for a chance to curl in the Briar. Mr. Cloutie just happens to be in th neighbourhood and overhear the wish. Wullie is given his chance…
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Bone Chiller

Bone Chiller by Monk Ferris Synopsis: The story starts as the invited guests (family, friends, and some questionable others) arrive for the reading of Josiah Travers’ will, only to find it has an odd twist! In order to learn the terms of the will, the guests have tofirst figure out a challenging puzzle. In the meantime,…
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Come With Me Lucille

Come With Me Lucille Written and Directed by Doug Waldner Synopsis: A two act Musical with approximately 100 songs spanning 1900’s to 1980’s Cast Grandpa Fred Perry Lucille Joanne Muldoon Barbershop 4 Al Mossing   Cliff Walker   Paul Twietmeyer Russel Stockton Dancers   Helen Hislop   Dwight Efford     Cameo -Liberace David Tafelmeyer  …
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Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here written and directed by Dianne Twietmeyer Synopsis: “Wish You Were Here” portrayed the trials and tribulations of a vacationing couple in the Andes mountains. Cast Postcard Recipient Paul Twietmeyer Phil Fred Perry Sue Cindy Foy Shepherd Brad Holt Technical Crew Marion Biram Linda Hawman Bram Bood Agnes Hewitt Set Construction Paul…
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