Cornerstone Theatre

Out of Order

Out of Order by Ray Cooney Parliamentary procedure takes on a whole new meaning when conservative Richard, a government junior minister, plans to spend the evening in a London hotel with Jane, one of the opposition’s typists.  A conniving waiter, suspicious hotel manager, alert private detective, angry wife, furious husband, bungling secretary, unconscious nurse and…
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A Christmas Carol (slightly twisted)

A Christmas Carol, Slightly Twisted Cast Bertha Isliefson Chloe Clark Denise Singleton Nick Schmidt Dab Laforet Evan Laforet Sean Perry Margaret Bell Don Carter Fred Perry Shannon Klatt Paul Twietmeyer Craig Savill Jesse Twietmeyer Diane Twietmeyer David Slykhuis Ashton Lisitza Megan McAuley Jenna McAuley Haylee Barta Gracie Schutz Sydney Flynn Linda Coffey Emily Klatt Leslie King…
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Not Now Darling

Not Now Darling by Ray Cooney and John Chapman The tremendously successful hit is set in the elegant fur salon of Bodley, Bodley & Crouch. Gilbert Bodley, a flamboyant extrovert, is scheming to seduce a beautiful stripper, Janie,with the aid of a $5,000 mink. Unfortunately, she is married and her husband, Harry, would notice such an…
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The Christmas Carol Project

The Christmas Carol Project(2008) by special arrangement with Brass Monkey Productions, Edmonton, Alberta Adapted by Cornerstone Theatre Directed by Jesse Twietmeyer  The Musicans  Lane Easton Paul Twietmeyer Justin Easton Liam Easton Anthony Bzdell Claude Poirier Michele Amy The Cast Charles Dickens Fred Perry Ebenezer Scrooge David Slykhuis Bob Crachit John Bullas Stately Lady #1 Margaret…
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The Amorous Ambassador

The Amorous Ambassador by Michael Parker Cast Harry Douglas Don Carter Perkins Shannon Klatt Joe Ashton Lizitska Captain South Dean Albano Debbie Bertha Isliefson Marian Denise Singleton Faye Joan Bue Lois Douglas Debbie Bedecs Directors Dianne Twietmeyer Doug Waldner  Promptor Brenda Beaver  Stage Manager Katharine Waldner Stage Crew Will Elliott Paul Twietmeyer

The Housewarming

The Housewarming A musical by Jesse and Dianne Twietmeyer In Ireland, a very large candle placed near the front window and lit on Christmas Eve servesas a symbol of welcome to Mary and Joseph who once sought shelter themselves. For centuries it has been a practice to set the kitchen table after the Christmas Eve…
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Lend Me a Tenor

Lend Me a Tenor by Ken Ludwig his night in September of 1934 is the biggest in the history of the Cleveland Grand Opera Company—world-famous tenor Tito Morelli is to perform Otello, his greatest role at the gala season-opener. Saunders, the General Manager, hopes this will put Cleveland on the operatic map. Morelli is late;…
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Coming Uptown

Comin’ Uptown Synopsis: All those Dickensian characters dancing, jiving and swinging to a Harlem beat? Right on! Scrooge is a Harlem slumlord about to foreclose an apartment house, a recreation center and a church when his late partner and the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future take him on their rounds. He comes upon…
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Moon Over Buffalo

Moon Over Buffalo A comedy by Ken Ludwig Synopsis: An acting couple—not exactly the Lunts—are on tour in Buffalo in 1953 with a repertory consisting of Cyrano de Bergerac and Noël Coward’s Private Lives . Fate has given these thespians one more shot at starring roles in The Scarlet Pimpernel epic and director Frank Capra himself is en route to Buffalo…
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What the Dickens!

What the Dickens! December 2,3,10, 2005 Synopsis: It is late October, 1843. Charles Dickens, a man of 31 years of age, has achieved some little notoriety with the publication of “Pickwick Papers”, “Oliver Twist”, “Nicholas Nickleby”, and “the Old Curiosity Shop” among others.  He has gone for a walk, leaving his wife Catherine and his…
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