Tag: 2001

Cornerstone Theatre

The Wedding

The Wedding -Cast written Synopsis This musical Christmas production was written by Cornerstone members Marion Biram, Doug Waldner, and Donna Ward. Two families are preparing for the marriage of Jen(Heather Pontius) and Vance(Lane Easton). The play encompasses the daybefore the wedding and the wedding day Cast Al Mossing Carolyn Clark Paul Twietmeyer Jesse Twietmeyer Cliff Walker…
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Move Over Mrs. Markham

Move Over Mrs. Markham by Ray Cooney and John Chapman Synopsis: The setting is the London flat of Philip and Joanna Markham. Philip’s business partner, Henry Lodge, asks if he can borrow the flat for an evening of nooky with his latest girlfriend. Meanwhile his wife Linda has persuaded Mrs Markham to loan the flat to…
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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber Lyrics by Tim Rice Directed by Mick O’Brien Synopsis Jacob was blessed with twelve sons, of these the second youngest and his favourite was Joseph, son of Rachel. Joseph was good and kind, serving his father and family well as a shepherd in the fields.…
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