Exit the Body

Cornerstone Theatre

Exit the Body

Exit the Body

by Fred Carmichael


1961, New England. A mystery writer rents a house for the summer that turns out to be the
rendezvous point for some jewel thieves. An evening of surprises ensues, which reaches its climas at 2:00 when
four couples unknown to each other turn up to search for the jewels


Lillian Seymour Naomi Holter
Jenny Samantha Twietmeyer
Randolph Ashton Lisitza
Helen O’Toole Evelyn Cullum
Kate Bixley Joan Bue
Crane Hammond Dianne Twietmeyer
Vernon Cookley Dean Albano
Lyle Rogers David Slykhuis
Philip Smith Jesse Twietmeyer
Richard Hammond Fred Perry


Doug Waldner


Kathy Horner

Stage Manager

Brenda Scheirer

Stage Crew

Will Elliott
Ashton Lisitza
Doug Waldner
Jesse Twietmeyer
Paul Twietmeyer 

Romulus Rizea

Marion Biram
Samantha Twietmeyer
Shannon Klatt


Connie Pelletier
Katharine Waldner



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