A Cornerstone Christmas Carol

Cornerstone Theatre

A Cornerstone Christmas Carol

A Cornerstone Christmas Carol


Esmerelda Scrooge, a book store owner learns that life is much more enjoyable if it is shared with others.


Davd Slykhuis Esmerelda Scrooge
Colleen Easton Sarah/Angie/Chorus
Jesse Twietmeyer Jack
Naomi Holter Denise/Chorus
Fred Perry Ze Gheust of Christmas Pest
McKenzie Easton Young Esmerelda
Ashton Lisitza Jilted Boyfriend
Lane Easton Bob Marley
Deb Laforet Ghost of Christmas Present
Michele Amy Ghost of Christmas Future
Craig Savil Ghost of Christmas Future
Emily Klatt Shopper/Caroler/Urchin
Megan McAuley Shopper/Caroler/urchin
Marion Biram Caroler/Chorus
Jenna McAuley Family scene/street scene
Sophia Clark Family scene/street scene
Kendra Schultz Family Scene/street scene


Dianne Twietmeyer
Doug Waldner

The Band

Lane Easton                                                                  Guitar
Conner Standingready                                                   Guitar
Terry Fraser                                                                      Bass
Claude Poirier                                                               Drums
Paul Twietmeyer                 Sax, flute, harmonica, percussion
Dianne Twietmeyer                                                        vocals
Michele, Jesse, Naomi                                                  piano 

Tech Crew 

Will Elliott
Doug Waldner
Paul Twietmeyer

Advertising and Tickets

Don Carter
Marylin Carter


Michele Amy


Marion Biram
Colleen Easton



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