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Cornerstone Theatre

Christmas at the Lake

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A Woodland Christmas

Woodland Christmas written by Carolyn Clark Synopsis: What would happen if the bears didn’t hibernate for the winter? Would they understand Christmas? Who would explain it to them? In Woodland Christmas, we look in on the animals and find out how the bears learn about Christms through music, stories, and laughter. Directed by Doug Waldner…
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Three Murders and It’s Only Monday

Three Murders and It’s Only Monday by Pat Cook Cast: Dr. Morrisey, a medical doctor Shannon Klatt Danny O’Donnell, old ventriloquist Doug Waldner Mary Tobias Melanie Lemieux Harry Monday, a private eye Fred Perry Tara Dillaise, a mysterious woman Betty Knechtel Captain Mandrake, an old ship’s captain Don Carter Lilly Dramkean, a lawyer Joan Bue…
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